Monday, February 8, 2010

The weekend was a nice change of pace for me. Mary Berry of Fancy Fibers hosts a really nice event at the Briar Wood Retreat,, in Argyle, TX, the Winter Fiber Fun Retreat. This is the 2nd year for this event. The classes are great and very affordable.

I could only swing a Saturday with them, but it is really a great way to meet other spinners and knitters in a relaxed and casual setting.

For those coming any distance, there was lodging available on site. Since it is held in February everything is on the bleak side outside, but the colors of everyones fiber was very inspiring. I went around trying to guess what the fiber was of those spinning. It also inspired me to a new round of dying (fiber, not personally).

I listened in on knitting 2 socks at at time class. Beginning these socks is the most tedious part to learn and I had to smile to myself listening to everyones comments getting started. It was a bit of a challenge, but once the process started to click things smoothed out. It is the only way I knit socks.

Mary was gracious enough to allow me to bring a small assortment to vend at her event. I am always ready to enhance anyones stash.

This event will continue to grow and I encourage anyone who has thought about going to do so.

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