Monday, September 8, 2008

Last week we had wonderful weather. The nights cooled into the mid 70's and the days were upper 80's. The rabbits were very happy.

Two nights ago I heard thumping coming from the area of the rabbit hutch at 2 in the morning. Rabbits thump there hind foot to warn of danger. The odd thing was the neighbors dogs were deathly quiet. When forest creatures, or anything for that matter, come within proximity they alert and bark.

I go out to check on them. I flash the light in to see if anything was visiting and didn't see anything. Went in and checked them over and they seemed fine. Gave a couple of them a pat and a scratch. The only thing I noticed was the faint odor of skunk and blood. Yes, blood has a specific scent to it. I put the light to the woods. Didn't expect to see anything and I didn't.

I went back to bed. 15 minutes later I hear the coyotes in the distance. I have to assume a kill was made by them. I had heard them 2 weeks ago in the distance and in the meadow. I was glad to hear them since I hadn't in many months. I know they are around as I see them occasionally as well as the tracks, but I like to hear them.

I don't consider them a pest since they keep the neighborhood cat population in check.