Monday, May 24, 2010

Quad Amadillo Family

Not a whole lot of change with the rabbits. I have kept them in full coat since the weather has been pretty moderate this year. We have had good rain fall amounts this spring and this is the first week we will see low 90's during the day.

This morning I did find one of my jr rabbits had died during the night. This was a cull rabbit since the doe had a hernia from birth. It ruptured during the night and the rabbit died. It is unfortunate I didn't get her put down in a more humane manner.

On the lighter side, there is a family of armadillos living under the house deck. I generally find them annoying since they did holes in the yard, and disrupt the flowers and garden. But, these 4 little ones were so cute and I have never seen such relaxed armadillos as shown by the pics.

I haven't seen them in groups this size before. I have seen two chasing each other through the yard. They jump amazingly high.

They sniffed my feet pretty throughly and decided I wasn't something to eat.