Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rescue Pet Raffle

The American Animal Rescue Society group is holding a raffle to generate funds and if you are a knitter or spinner the prizes are excellent and, of course, a worthy cause. You can view the prizes here. They have Golding Spindles, a Namaste bag with all the trimmings and some very nice yarn.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reducing and reusing appliances

We are the proud owner of a used, but new to us, dishwasher. One of our neighbors upgraded their kitchen to stainless steel appliances and they were removing a perfectly good white dishwasher.

Our old dishwasher is black and in bad physical shape. The door had corroded away at the edges and it was causing leaks. It became so bad I had to do the dishes by hand or mope the floor after every load. We were reviewing the dishwashers over the last month on the market and I wanted a white one.

I was visiting with my neighbor after checking the mail and when I mentioned my problems with the dishwasher they offered theirs as it was just sitting in the garage and they were actively looking for someone who needed one. Talk about fate and timing.

So we now have a great "new" dishwasher and instead of 2 dishwashers going to the dump only one will go. Reduce and reuse.