Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The SGK Pink Load of &(#$%!

I will preface this with I have never been totally sold on the SGK Foundation. Their actions of the last few years have confirmed my suspicions of them.

Vast sums of donation dollars have been spent on legal expenses to go after the small backyard/c­ookie charity events which use "xx for the Cure" because they trademarke­d the phase. Isn't all cancer important? Is breast cancer more a priority since it is sticking out of our body, literally wearing it on our chest for all to see rather than hidden in a body cavity.

It also seems that little funding even is for research or looking for the cure. Most of the fund goes to raising public awareness/­education aka promotions and advertisem­ents.

Now one of the most recognizable "charitable" breast cancer organizations is pulling the funding for breast health and screening for poor women from an organization that helps women stay healthy when they can't afford medical care, Planned Parenthood. This is political &^&#*@&!

Whether you believe in reproductive rights or not, the facts are that when women gained control of when and how many children they would have, women raised their education levels, which in turn increased their ability to increased earning levels, which increases the overall health of women and their families.

How much are the executives of SGK being paid to keep the "brand" out there. How many millions are these executives being compensated with from all those sales of pink ribbons, pink shoes, pink blenders, pink envelopes, pink yogurt labels, and even a pink bible.

Give your "charitable" dollars to organizations that promote charity and not themselves.