Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The month of June was just one word - hot. I installed additional fans. I found 2 that had a thermostat built in that would turn them on and off based on temperature. It is a great feature. Temperatures even at night now are too high for the comfort of the rabbits until well after midnight. I really don't want to be out turning them off at that time, but with this built-in feature it does it for me saving energy.

I have only had time to cull half of what I need to. I am hopeful to get to the rest of them by the end of the week.

I decided to carry an organic acid dye line, Greener Shades, a non-metallic acid dye. I wanted to find something that didn't have the lead and chrome in them. And will be phasing these new dyes into my batts.

Out in the garden I had a real surprise this morning. I have a row of sunflowers growing along a common fence with a neighbor. They had bloomed and I was letting them set seed and dry on their stems. As of this morning, all my flower heads are gone! I was so upset, mad, and disappointed.

My first assumption was an animal got to them. As I examined the area I realized that nothing was left of the heads, the stems were snapped too cleanly, everyone of them that could be reached over the top or through the fence was gone. I had one left only because it had bent over back toward our property. This was a human culprit.

I have spent all spring and into the summer working with them to produce a nice crop of seed. And I know it wasn't that many flowers, but to have all my work be distroyed because the kids next door haven't been taught to respect the property of others is frustrating.

In the spring I caught one of them throwing sticks at our trailer. The boy had the gall to lie when I caught him in the act. That is how brazen they are. Did he hurt the trailer. No. But to try and destroy the property of others and then lie when caught in the act is a good indication of what he is being raised to be.