Tuesday, March 11, 2008

<--Here is a satin angora ermine buck at 7 weeks. For angoras this is a none showable color, but they can be just adorable with their blue eyes. The eyes can also be brown.

Here is a satin angora doe at 7 weeks. -->
These show up in my lines on a regular basis and make good woolers. These are popular with those who don't care for the REW rabbit, but want white wool.

I will be inking this weekend. And then a few will be offered to new homes starting next week.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I haven't got pics of the kits yet, yes my bad....but it did snow here for the 2nd time in one week.

Here is the rabbit shed in snow. For a while the flakes were as big as cotton balls! I know for the people in snow country this is nothing, but we don't see nice snow too often. On Saturday the temperature got to 80 F and I though about taking down the tarps on the west and north sides. But, last year were had snow in April so I thought I would wait. Good thing I did. It snowed 2 days later. The snow you see here is the 2nd go round.

You can see the green tarp here better. Angoras do very well in cold weather as long as they stay dry and they are out of the wind. My shed is open on all sides for ventilation. It is screened to keep out predators and the like. You can see the silver trash can that holds my feed. I put a bungee cord through the top to lash it down.

We also installed solar panels (now snowed over) on the roof for lighting and fans. In the roof, down the middle is a clear panel to let in natural light.