Thursday, February 4, 2010

A local fiber event will be happening this weekend, the Winter Fiber Retreat, in Argyle, Texas. It is put on by Mary Berry of Fancy Fibers. It takes place for the entire weekend, but I could only schedule enough time for Saturday. Mary is nice enough to allow me to lay out a small assortment of my fibers, and such and be a vendor as well as attendee.

The Kid 'n Ewe was a great success for me this past November. It seemed the number of people who attended was down from the prior year, but those who came were ready to visit and buy. I saw many of my past customers and met a lot of new people.

I did bring 3 kits to sell at the show and sold 2. I am always leery of selling this way as I always want prospective buyers to understand that angoras take much more work than they realize. So I give everyone the doom and gloom speech on owing them, emphasizing that they make terrible children's pets as most adults can't handle the amount of upkeep they require.

I am positive that both kits went to good homes in this case.

The Kid 'n Ewe was embroiled in problems with contract issues and the board for the fair grounds acting in an unprofessional manner. Not a good way to handle any business and expect it to grow. Since the organizers didn't even know if the event was going to be held in Boerne until very late, much of the usual advertising didn't happen.

Hopefully this will be resolved in better manner this year. I like this event and the people who run it are a nice group.

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