Monday, February 15, 2010

Here are the latest to join the herd. My chocolate doe had these big, fat kits Feb 13th. Just missed Valentines' Day. She had 6 and all are doing extremely well. The pic shows them at day 2.

I decided to bring them in since we were expecting high winds with snow flurries and freezing temps. I lost 2 batches in early winter when freezing temps and high winds came through. So these go out in the morning to visit the doe and be fed.

This past week we had record snow fall at 12.5 inches. This much has not been seen for 111 years. I went tracking in the woods and found deer, raccoon, and coyote tracks. It was very pretty, but soooo cold. I wrapped a shetland wool scarf around my head and neck for warmth.

I know there are lots of man made fibers made for insulation now, but I still prefer natural wool. The main thing I have found when wearing the synthetics is the smell they develop. When I get warm when working in cold weather the sweat and synthetics combine to create an odor that I find objectionable and quite noticeable and yet when I sweat in my wool clothing it seems to mask any body odors.

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Lael said...

I thought of you when I saw Texas was getting a snowstorm. 12.5 inches! Even for us here in Wisconsin that is quite a bit! Your snow pics are lovely and the baby bunnies are so cute. I had a Jersey Wooly who had one surviving baby once - still have both of them, mother and daughter - but no longer breed as I only have the two Jersey Wooly females and one mini-lop female.