Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Kits

Well when I bred 3 does a month ago I completely forgot about going to Arkansas for the Fiber Extravaganza in Hot Springs. Let this be a lesson for others....check your calender before breeding anything. They started gathering hay right before we were scheduled to leave and to top it off 2 of the 3 are new mothers and freezing temps were expected. Couldn't change anything so we left instructions for various "go wrong" senarios and hoped for the best.

As it happened 2 waited to have their litters until we returned, giving birth on Monday afternoon. The 3rd, and oldest doe, did not take so no litter from her. I'll try her again latter.
The black doe had 7 kits.
The choclate doe had 7 as well, but lost 2 to the cold when they didn't get into the nest quickly enough. I tried reviving them in my shirt, but I was too late.

I was really pleased with both does, making good nests and pulling enough fur to keep the kits warm. 1st time does don't go well at times. I did bring them in for the night and took them out the does in the morning to feed them. We'll keep that schedule up until the kits have fur and open their eyes. I'm concerned the high winds combined with the cold will be too much for the kits at this age.


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