Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza

This event was moved to Hot Springs from Mt Magazine to grow the event. The venue (convention center) was big and well lit; and the city itself is nice. Winter is the off season, but I really enjoy that more.

This originated as a retreat, but with growth comes change and this is more of a festival now were you come for an hour or so to shop and then leave. There were classes to enjoy from some fine teachers so you could hang out for a few extra hours. Unfortunately, there was a $15.00 door charge, ouch! It included one admission to the Vendor Room for the weekend with the opening cocktail hour and opening remarks / meet and greet with Annie Modesitt plus a complimentary tote bag.

Here are a few pics of my booth from the show...

Here is my new line, Tree Silk Batts. I'll be adding handspun Tree Silk Yarns as well at a later date.



Lael said...

OMG - those are gorgeous batts! What is the fiber/blend? I'm assuming some silk, since "Tree Silk"? Do you dye and card them? Very lovely!

rcsatins said...

Thanks! I've been specializing in them for a couple of years now. I dye and card my own fibers; the blend is 50/50 silk/tencel.