Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter with a vengence

Well the time has flown and I have been incredibly busy. I thought we were going to get away with our usual cold, if over dry, winter. That changed in a heart beat. We had wind chills 5-10 below 0.

The snow was blown into the rabbit hutch. The expression on the little faces as they looked at me, each huddled in a corner of their cage, snow covered backs to the wind, was priceless. You could visualize them with a cross expression, tapping foot, and crossed arms. They were so unhappy with me and the weather.

I went to each one and brushed out the snow, gave them warm water in their bowls, fresh hay, and hugs. They were much more relaxed after that.

We also had a visitor to the hutch. The big, bad, wolf,
came by, really coyote. He/she looks healthy. He didn't stay long and went back into the woods without going any closer to the rabbits.

I got bad news from a farm I buy Shetland fleece from every year. Lael, owner of Maple Wood North, let me know that Cricket had passed away in her sleep, age 10. I have been buying Cricket's fleece for 8 years.

She had warned me last year that Cricket was looking and feeling her age. Cricket was my standing order. I feel I have lost a friend.

I'll be at Mary Berry's Winter Retreat February 19 to vend, teach, and relax. I'm doing a class, Hand Cards vs Combs. It should be fun!

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