Saturday, February 5, 2011

Icey Roads

A rant:

North Texas gets ice on the roads for a certain time each winter. It will stay from 1 day to 5+ in each hit. The major roads are somewhat de-iced with sand and chemicals. No snow plows.

If you get on the roads you are taking a big risk from people who don't understand that you should only travel in these conditions for real reasons, such as work. Going for donuts is not a necessary trip! And for Gods sakes get off your *((&(((* cell phone.

During a recent week of ice I watched 2 people, on icey roads, on CELL PHONES, run through 2 different stop signs. And not because it would be safer to roll through them; they didn't see them. The arrogance is exasperating. Are you really that important?! Will the world stop turning because you couldn't talk while driving?! It didn't for 100,000 years before the cell phone came into being. And I am 100% positive the world will stay on it's axis if you don't talk while driving.

It has been demonstrated that we can't even walk and operate a cell phone at the same time so what in the world makes up think it is better to do it while driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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