Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvest of Summer

Now is the time of summer doldrums. We are 100+ everyday now for the next 7 days. With the rabbits it just a matter of monitoring them several times a day, fans on 24 hours a day to keep them cool. They are doing well so I am glad of that.

With that kind of heat it really is hard to be motivated to do anything, but there is still lots to do for work and find in the woods.

In the woods we have been harvesting Mustang Grapes and Wild Chickasaw Plums. I have been preserving them as jelly and syrup.
In the yard I harvested my 1st homegrown apple, Mollies Delicious. It tasted wonderful, crisp, sweet, with a hint of honey. I planted the trees 3 & 4 years ago. This is their 1st year to produce so I have great expectations for next year.

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Lael said...

OK, I'll stop complaining about temps in the 80's! But for us here in Wisconsin, weeks and weeks of 80's is unusual. We usually have some temps in the 80's and 90's - sometimes even just over 100, but it only last for a few days and then we have temps in the 70's or at least lows at night down into the low 60's or 50's, so we can get the house to cool down at night (no a/c here). This summer has been awful - and wet, so MILLIONS of mosquitoes!