Thursday, August 12, 2010

Newest Family Memeber

Here is our newest family member. This lovely young lady was adopted from the North Texas Humane Society. She was found wondering the streets of Fort Worth.
The guess at her age is 2 years old and a Saluki mix. She was in sad shape, but a little time in foster care, and now with us she is looking bright and healthy.

For those wondering about if she has a spinnable coat? No. I deliberately concentrated my search for a new pet with a smooth, flat coat. I do so much for others in my company that I felt I wanted to fore go that for a personal pet.

Her temper is calm and laid back and she is training very quickly. She is fitting perfectly.

Weather note: we now have had 100+ for high temperatures 12 days in a row.

1 comment:

Lael said...

Your new baby has such a pretty face! Congrats!

Here, the heat index today was 120 - again, tomorrow, but it should be down into the upper 70's by Monday or Tuesday - but you probably have A/C, don't you? We don't, so are suffering this summer. And I've lost a couple of sheep - they really do much better in a blizzard than in this hot, humid weather.

Nothing personal, but I don't think I could live in TX!