Saturday, August 28, 2010

Break in the Weather

Well this has been a different week as far as weather. Monday it went to 107 F, a record and on Wednesday the high was 81 F. It was amazing!

On Wednesday morning while checking the rabbits I realized the fans weren't working. I checked everything to see if anything was chewed on, knocked out of a socket etc...I just couldn't find anything wrong with them. While I was staring really hard at the fans willing them to work it hit me that they have a thermostat and that the temperatures had fallen below the threshold that I had set them for to turn off.

I felt rather silly then and relieved they were fine. The fans have been running day and night for months as temperatures were not going below 85 F at night. It really makes for some uncomfortable times at those temperatures. But FINALLY we are going back into the 70's at night.

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