Friday, November 14, 2008

Things have really calmed down. I have spent a great deal of time getting ready for the Kid 'n Ewe show in Boerne, TX. It was a wonderful time and a success for me. I simply had a lot of fun. I met lots of really nice people. The event was put together well and I plan on being there next year as a vendor again. Can anyone believe I am tired of seeing silk fiber?

The angoras are going well. I had my fawn give birth this afternoon. She is a 1st time mom and didn't start her nest until shortly before giving birth. She did a fine job of it. Six healthy kits, 3 light and 3 dark. The buck is a chocolate. I have two more who should give birth in the next day or so. Another 1st timer and an experienced doe.

Weather is cool and dry. We really need rain. One good soaking rain came early in the week, but we are many inches behind in annual rainfall. A cold front is due tonight. The 1st freeze of the season should be tomorrow night.

I need to get the tarps up on the rabbits to protect them from drafts and blowing rain.

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