Friday, November 21, 2008

The new litter is coming along nicely. On morning 3 of nursing the doe was jumpy and wouldn't settle on the kits to feed them. I decided to leave them with her for a while before assuming she was rejecting them. After an hour had passed I checked in on them and they were all plump and happy with milk. Now she jumps in quickly when I bring them to her in the morning. Apparently, she had a passing moment of nerves.

The kit color are 3 chocolate, 2 fawn, and 1 white. The white could be ermine, albino or pointed white. I will have more clues when the eyes open in a few days.

Of the 3 does I bred only 1 took. I have now re-bred the 2 hold outs plus a chocolate doe, so December should be busy with kits...I hope.

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