Friday, February 1, 2008

Not quite 2 weeks. I transferred 2 of the ermine does' kits to the red does' litter for nursing. It seemed the smaller kits were being pushed aside and not getting their fair share of milk. I moved the 2 biggest white kits over for ease of recognition since the red doe produced no whites at all.

They have been able to catch up. When does have litters this close in age it makes fostering much easier.

Unfortunately, after a week, one of the white kits I put in the red doe litter
doesn't seem to be getting enough milk. So I moved him back with his original litter mates.

The colors have darkened significantly for both litters. I was afraid the ermine had had all whites again but, within 2 days of birth I could see a few would be fawn. Eyes are just starting to open.

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