Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Birth

Two births in one day. Both does started actively to build their nest this morning. When I checked them this evening both had plucked wool and given birth. What a surprise. I expected either early tomorrow morning or the next day since they just started to make nests this morning. I am just glad they gave birth in the nest boxes.

I peaked in on both nests and all the looked fine. One of the kits from the ermine doe had crawled out of the nest and was chilled and seemingly dead. I took it in and tried to revive it by putting it into a plastic bag and submerging that into warm water. That has worked very well for me in the past, but this time it didn't. I put it into my pocket and carried it around with me in the house for a while, but I was not able to revive it.

I didn't fuss too much with them since it is so cold. A quick peak shows the ermine with more white kits while the red doe produced red and black kits. Both nests have at least 4 kits each. I will get a true head count tomorrow. Both does seem fine.

The red doe is on probation since her first litter was not successful. She is redeemed for now.

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