Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Less than 24 hours old and doing well despite freezing temperatures. You can't beat angora for warmth
when you are born naked, blind, and deaf.

I brought the nest boxes in the house to make a through check. The ermine had a total of 10 with 9 surviving and the red doe had 6, all survived. As you can see from the pics the ermine litter is all white and light while the red had 3 red/fawn, 1 tort, 2 black. This is just initial thoughts on color, all subject to change.

While I had them in I cut up the fur, in the nest, into small pieces. This to prevent any long strands from wrapping around a limb and cutting off the blood supply. It can happen quicker than you realize so this is a "must" do with any angora breeding program.

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Lori said...

Congratulatuions on your new litters! They are beautiful.