Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Changing Focus

The biggest change is the evolving focus of the business. After years of spinning pet hair on a production level my hands have developed pains that just aren't going away. In July 2012 I stopped taking in new orders. I don't have anyone I'm recommending to send their pet hair to. In response to this the number of fiber related events attended will be expanding slowly.

One of new shows that was added is Stitches South. It is a knit-centric event and I knew that going in so I set realistic expectations for attendance. What I didn't expect was the unpleasantness some of the attendees showed me. I know 99.5% were pleasant or just didn't say anything nasty, but those few were an eye opener.
The short version is comments were made that there was nothing in my booth that was wanted or could be used (by them). Truly. I know spinning your own yarn is not appealing to everyone, but it is part of the fiber world that includes knitting, crochet, weaving, felting, etc.... and to act like my products didn't belong at this event was surprising and a little upsetting.

And let's top it off by the 5 finger discount someone gave themselves with an ounce of bison roving.  Really?  Yes.  

I haven't decided if this show will be done again.  I did have a few who where happy to see something different and expressed that sentiment really sweetly.  


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