Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well I have been extremely busy with the company and the rabbits, plus the show I just finished.

The DFW Fiberfest was a great success for me. I debut my new batts of Wensleydale and Tencel. The were really well received. My silk batts are always a favorite. I saw so many who were also at the Kid n Ewe. So I got to catch up with alot of my customers. I had a blast talking to everyone and I had a few bring me their pet hair to spin a sample.

Ann brought me her pet's hair from Warren to the show last year to spin. This year she brought him back knit up into a fabulous scarf. I so rarely get to see the end result so this was very exciting for me.

Spinning pet hair is keeping me busy as well. I am enjoying the time I spend with each client. Some of the notes I get from the owners are so overwhelming in the love they feel for their pet. Each pet is or was a vital part of their lives and I am glad I can keep that feeling going for them. Especially when their pet is gone from their lives.

The rabbits are doing nicely. I have cut back my breeding schedule this year since the kits eat me out of house and home. Feed and hay prices are really high. I may do one more breeding, but I am not sure yet. Most likely not.

I have done some spring maintenance on the rabbits, moving hay and manure out into the garden. I found I need to replace some of the bottoms under the cages for the droppings.

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