Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We have had record heat, but the rabbits are coping nicely. June had 3 days of 100 degree + days. Rainfall is also down so that is not helping.

Grooming and maintenance is all that is happening now. The yellow jacket wasps are making their presence felt a bit earlier this year. I have had to clear out 3 nests, 2 small and one large. I actually don't mind them until they start getting aggressive about the water bottles.

Every spring I have to watch for red wasp and yellow jackets making nests in the rabbit hutch. The red wasp usually go off to other nesting sites once I remove them from the hutch, but the yellow jackets just come back and start again in the same general local. You have to give marks for tenacity.

Some of my cages needed a bit of maintenance. The cage clips I used to originally construct them with were corroding away so I put in some zip ties. They are easy and fast to apply. Now I just have to see how long they will hold up.

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