Friday, May 9, 2008

Today I write about straw. The kind animals eat. Here is bale of orchard grass and the last bit from my last timothy bale at the top toward the back of the orchard grass. See all the brown in the timothy?

I normally feed timothy hay to my rabbits. It is the best of the best to feed your rabbits in my opinion. But, the feed store I use has been going up on the price everytime I buy it or the size of the bale seems smaller or both. Either way this stuff is getting expensive. And the last bale had way too much dead, brown, hay and chaff. Just too much waste.

Yesterday I discovered they also carry a baled hay called Cortez Mix. It is mostly orchard grass with a little timothy and a little alfalfa. Orchard grass is also good for rabbits to eat, but alfalfa is not. What I looked over was nice and green and healthy looking so I am bitting the bullet and bought a 3 string bale of the stuff. I have high hopes for it since it is a little cheaper than the timothy, but seems to good quality.

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